• Contrary to many popular beliefs, react is not a Javascript Framework, rather it is a Library, (if you don’t understand the difference please check out our previous tutorial on introduction to web-development) for building User Interfaces using components. Basically a front-end javascript Library.
  • In this course we will explore the core concepts of reactjs, install and configure react on our machines and write some react code.
  • At the end of the course you will be able to create a simple app in reactjs

Learning objectives

At the end of this module , you should:-

  1. Understand why react is preferred to other frameworks
  2. Understand how to configure and run react
  3. know how to set up a react project.
  4. Know how to debug react code
  5. Understand the key fundamentals of reactjs.


  • App Summary
  • Project setup
  • App breakdown
  • Test driven development
  • Final comments